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Human trafficking is widely recognized as a form of modern day slavery. Even as awareness grows, most in the United States believe that this crime is not a problem here in America. The reality is that human trafficking affects every part of the United States, every city and every community.
A hotel can increase brand equity by taking steps to create an inhospitable environment for human trafficking. As public awareness grows and demand for action increases, hotels that have taken the affirmative step to train their employees will be seen in a very positive light.
Implementing anti-­trafficking measures can protect a company’s brand and position it as socially responsible. Failing to take action can hurt its reputation; it may be viewed negatively or even seen as complicit. When a trafficking incident occurs, the fallout is likely to affect the hotel’s security, status and bottom line.
Conversely, having a trained staff with established policies and procedures will be viewed favorably and limit liability. There is certainly a business reward to taking action, but there is also a humanitarian one. When a hotel trains its staff to recognize and respond to suspected incidents of human trafficking, the primary point of sale becomes a hostile environment for the trafficker. Then there is no longer an incentive to recruit or force people into sexual bondage. The result is dramatically fewer victims.
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Guardian Group is a nonprofit organization devoted to attacking the demand side of human trafficking through public-private partnerships and development, education and training, and community engagement. Guardian Group’s Learning Center Instructors are truly a unique “Team of Teams” and is comprised of quiet professionals with extensive experience from the military, law enforcement, NGO and Criminal Law.
As a team of subject-matter experts and industry-specific professionals, we have developed a Web-based learning center that provides education and training for communities that want to better protect our vulnerable. The Guardian Learning Center is designed to educate our public and private sectors to work together to develop solutions for tough problems.
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